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Carpet Cleaning Cairns

Carpet Cleaning is not an exciting topic. We can admit that. Conversations at parties that include the term ‘carpet cleaning’ rarely last much longer before people start to drift away and avoid you.
So, it mightn’t be an exciting topic, but it is an important one. We walk on it all day long, and unless someone drops some sauce on it or spills their wine, or our favourite little incontinent puppy does what puppies so often do, we don’t really think much about them. They’re there … and that’s the extent that most people think about them.
Sometimes, the more clean-minded of us might get the vacuum out, and give the carpet a nice once-over, and we think, “There. That’s done it. It looks clean” and we think that’s enough.
But it isn’t. Vacuums do a good job of sucking up what’s at the surface, and a not-so-good job of really getting at the dirt and grime at the base of the fibres, right down deep in the forest that is your carpet.
And it is this deep-down grit and dust and debris that can cause all the problems.

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carpet cleaning Cairns

Many people, particularly our old and our young, have breathing issues or allergies like hay fever or asthma. In the home, a simple but tough carpet clean can do a lot to cut down on the air-borne dust, bacteria and allergens that can inflame, if breathed in, the airways of those susceptible to breathing problems.
This is why, while not exciting, cleaning carpets is important, particularly to us, at 3C Carpet Cleaning Cairns. Our services will get right down into the dark heart of your carpets and dislodge and suck up all the ground down dirt, bacteria and allergens lying within. Our contractors will bring your carpets back to life, even if they were on complete life support.
Think about it: it’s been a long hard day at work, and you arrive home. You sit down on your couch, you take off your shoes, and place your feet down on to your luxurious, freshly-cleaned carpet, scrunching up your toes and playing with the now-vibrant fibres.
Maybe carpet cleaning isn’t exciting, but that feeling is.
And it isn’t all that we do. There are a number of other services that we provide if you want to look through our service list in the menu. We will clean rugs, we will clean your furniture and upholstery, we will clean your mattress of the horror-movie-esque things living in it, we have a stain and odour removal service if your excitable dog leaves you a … ‘present’.
And we offer all of that not just our domestic customers, but our commercial customers as well. If you own or manage an office, shops, town house complexes, movies theatres or schools, or anything else that has carpets, rugs, mattresses, tiles or grout, we will clean them for you. Nothing is too big or too small.
So, give us a call or fill out the contact form, and one of our friendly staff will be happy to talk with you.

About US

We all like good looking carpet, even if we don’t always like the effort it takes to get it looking good. Our contractors will transform your carpets from dusty, gritty, bacteria-filled surfaces to their initial beautiful clean look and feel.
Different materials require different types of cleaning. Some materials can handle a bit of a beating; other needs a special gentle touch, so not all cleans are the same. Our contractors will adapt their cleaning strategy depending on the type of material to be cleaned and what type of cleaning the material can handle.
These types of cleans are not a ‘do once and forget’ type of thing. They should be scheduled into your diary ahead of time. We aim to be your lifetime carpet cleaning company. As such, we realise that what gets you coming back to us will not only the final outcome but how we go about performing the service.
We strive to be on-time, respectful in all of our dealings with you, friendly and honest. We realise that we are coming into your homes or places of business, and that there needs to be a certain level of trust between you and us. We strive to work always with integrity and with the firm desire to leave your place looking far better than when we arrived.
If that is the type of company you want working on your carpets, call us, or fill out the contract form at the top of the page. Our friendly staff is eager to talk with you about your cleaning requirements.

Our Cleaning Services

Carpet Cleaning Cairns

carpet cleaning Cairns

Carpets are made from different material and are cut in different ways. Some materials are easy to clean, others more difficult. Some materials require a stronger clean, others are more delicate.
Since not all carpets are made the same, cleanings are not a one-size fits-all prospect. A vigorous clean might ruin a carpet that requires a delicate touch, and a delicate clean might not clean one that needs more elbow grease.
Our carpet cleaning services will adapt to the type of carpet we are cleaning. So call us to have your carpets cleaning right the first time.

Upholstery Cleaning Cairns

upholstery cleaning Cairns

Carpets aren’t the only things in your living rooms that get dirty or a regular basis. You spend a lot of time on your couches and sofas, and your upholstery begins to collect all the dead skin cells and food crumbs that you drop.
This then invites the tiny microscopic creatures like dust mites that live off that stuff to come in and share your furniture with you.
If you’re like most people, you don’t really want to think about that, so avail yourself of our furniture and upholstery cleaning service, and we’ll give you some peace of mind.

Commercial and Corporate Cleaning Cairns

commercial carpet cleaning Cairns

All of the services that you see on this page are available to all commercial and corporate businesses. We don’t limit ourselves to just domestic and residential customers.
So, if you have a business that has carpet or rugs, if you have furniture and upholstery, if you have tiles and grout – and that would describe most types of businesses – we can clean it. It doesn’t matter how big the job is, we’re up to the task.
So, call us and be sure to use our commercial and corporate cleaning services to their full, and we will be sure to clean whatever you requires of us so that look and smell like new.

Tile and grout Cleaning Cairns

tile cleaning Cairns

Tiles might seem a bit different to carpets, but really, in the end, they need to be cleaned for much of the same reasons as carpets do. Your tiles and grout are often in places that could be wet, and this could cause things like mould and mildew, bacteria and germs to begin to breed and spread. And this might affect people with breathing issues like asthma.
Also, as tiles are often placed in kitchens and bathrooms, places where we prepare our food and wash ourselves respectively, there are even more reasons we should ensure that bacteria and germs, mould and mildew are eliminated.
So give us a call and book in our tile and grout cleaning service, and be confident that we will clean your surfaces as new.

Rug Cleaning Cairns

rug cleaning Cairns

People often use rugs to add a splash of their own character to a room, or to make a stark floorscape a little more colourful. They are usually placed in places that get a lot of foot traffic, and can become dirty and stained in much the same ways and for much the same reasons as carpets.
And like carpets, not all rugs are one type, and not all rug cleanings are the same. Each rug clean must adapt to the type of rug to be cleaned, otherwise a delicate rug could be ruined by too vigorous a clean or a sturdy rug might not get cleaned by a gentle cleaning style.
We will adjust our cleaning service depending on the rug, and will ensure that your rug is cleaned properly, and looks great. 

Stain and Odour Removal Cairns

stain and odour removal Cairns

People have accidents. They spill food and drinks, make messes of themselves. Sometimes these accidents, if left untreated, begin to create odours.
This is particularly the case of those ‘accidents’ left behind by pets who are not yet toilet trained. These types of stains seep deep into the carpet, and sometimes into the floor base below. Just cleaning the carpet may not get rid of the underlying issue.
So call us; our stain and odour removal service will ensure that your house will look and smell clean in no time.

Mattress Cleaning Coffs Harbour

mattress cleaning Cairns

If you are ever given the opportunity to take a microscopic view of the kind of things that live on your mattress with you … don’t take it. It is the stuff of nightmares.
Dust mites live off your flaked-off skin cells, and mate and breed and excrete right there on the mattress with you.
That is something you don’t want to think about. Call us; our mattress cleaning service will clean your mattress and give you some peace of mind.

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Most people don’t want to spend their valuable time cleaning carpets, and that makes sense.

That is why you should call us to do it for you. Our cleaning technicians will provide you top-notch, prompt service.

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Have Questions? See Below For Some Answers

Why is Cleaning My Carpet Important?

Every day your carpet comes under a lot of stress. We come in from outside, forget to take off our shoes, and track in dirt and mud. Kids run around, jumping up and down, hands sticky and feet dirty. Pets track dirty paw prints through it, stopping occasionally to shed hair and relieve themselves without you noticing. We spill crumbs, wipe our dirty hands on it, drop drinks, and every day we shed a vast amount of dead skin cells.
When you really think about it, you begin to wonder why you ever walk on your carpet in bare feet.
Cleaning your carpets bring back that welcoming, refreshing vibe that clean, colourful carpets can give a house. It removes that gritty feel underfoot, and the strange smells that you can’t find a source for, but your are sure it’s your dog’s fault because he has a guilty look on his face.
But most of all, a regularly cleaned carpet can actually improve your health.

How Does A Regularly Cleaned Carpet Improve My Health?

Warning: This explanation might make your skin crawl.
Think of your carpet like a jungle, the fibres like the trees. A carpet has its own ecosystem. Things like dirt, dust, pet hair and dead skin cells call and get trapped by the fibres, and that brings out the things that like to eat on those things, dust mites and other tiny, nearly microscopic creepy-crawlies. Add to that bacteria and mould and mildew, and its like a horror movie going on down there.
When we walk across our carpets, a lot of that stuff becomes airborne, and can be easily inhaled into your lungs. Perhaps this mightn’t affect you, but it could cause large concerns for people with breathing issues like asthma, or people who have allergies or who have skin irritations caused by allergens.
Now, we think that vacuuming is enough. Every week or two, we run the vacuum around and think we have solved the problem. But vacuuming only affects the top layer of the carpets, the tree tops of the jungle. But deep down within the fibres, down at the jungle floor, all of that skin crawling stuff remains unaffected.
Only a carpet clean done with professional equipment by professional cleaners can give a proper clean deep down at the jungle floor of the carpet. Everything else just sucks at the surface layer, leaving the vast majority of the skin-crawling ecosystem untouched.

How Often Should I Clean My Carpet Cleans?

For most people, the answer will be ‘More often than you currently are.’ But we’ll try to be a little more scientific in our answer.
A lot of carpet manufacturers have warranties on their carpets that require them to be cleaned at least every twelve months. So, that’s a good basis to begin.
But if you have children, or you have pets (and especially if the pets spends a lot of time indoors, shedding and peeing), or you smoke, or you entertain groups of people in your home often, than you might need to schedule cleans every six to nine months.
If however, you have children and pets, you smoke, you entertain and you track in most of the outside onto your shoes and don’t bother taking them off when you’re inside … then, clearly, you will need to clean your carpets even more regularly.
Whatever the case might be, keep a good eye on your carpets. If you notice stains, or it begin to smell off, or if your skin gets irritated after being in contact with your carpet, the best time to schedule a clean is right now.

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